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Original title: ideological and political work and actively explore new ways to new ways

Ideological and political work of enterprises and the economy is closely linked to the work, leaving the economic work, ideological and political work of enterprises and carriers would not rely on; Similarly, the economy would also require a guarantee of ideological and political work, leaving the ideological and political and economic work will lose their power, and even disoriented. Therefore, enterprises should change the concept of party committees, the replacement of their brains, and grasp the ideological position, firmly establish the awareness of economic work services for enterprises based on the market, open up the market to provide a firm ideological and political guarantees.

First, the ideological and political work to explore new mechanisms. Ideological and political work of enterprises is the basis for harmonious development of enterprises, organizations at all levels must attach great importance to get to strengthen organizational leadership. Party in ideological and political work to take seriously the main responsibilities and coordinate the organization's leadership responsibility, efforts to form a unified leadership of party committees, party and government "in charge" in unison, the common goal of the relevant departments, specific work division of labor, each doing their job, joint management mechanisms and patterns, so that someone asked ideological and political work, some pipes, there is a system, there are measures, comprehensive coverage. Mobilize people to participate and do ideological work regarding a person to fully play its role, improve the work system, regularly carry out work, exchange ideas work experience, to enable enterprises to truly implement the ideological and political work, enjoys popular support, wholeheartedly endorsed.

Second, explore the ideological and political work in new ways. Ideological and political work should be people-oriented, so popular, warm people, excited people, so as to reach for the cadres and employees to stimulate their sense of ownership and a creative spirit, to improve the quality and level of civilization purposes. Ideological and political work and actively explore innovative approaches and creative carrier. One concern in place. Ideological and political work must conform to the requirements of employees, focuses on corporate hot and difficult to live with ideas and solving practical problems, boldly explore and practice. The second is education in place. To improve the overall ideological and moral, social ethics and family virtues of quality, we must organize a colorful, popular cultural activities, an active cultural life of mine, in order to improve staff cohesion and solidarity, train people to noble sentiments. In the event of self-education, to cultivate the mind, purify the thoughts, so that by expanding the field of ideological and political work, to explore the Internet, the formation of large political mine the overall effect. Third, funding in place. To strengthen the cultural and recreational facilities, entertainment staff do have spaces, activities equipment, funding is guaranteed.

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