Great Corporate Events Ideas

Corporate and Group Event Ideas

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The art of being a good host can reside in such minute details as the handwritten font you choose to write your invitations (and to choose a Card embossed cotton paper instead of a staff email). If you are a Little League player home, do not neglect the protocol and remember that a linen table cloth napkins including the same material rate always above the regalia of paper. But if you're a first division player who is considering the possibility of organizing a reception to gasp the guests, says these names.

Mr. Bonet

Under this pseudonym hides Javier Bonet, a professional kitchen who calls himself 'food stylist' because his work goes far beyond traditional catering: do you need some bread with stars and stripes because the event is celebrated on July 4 ? The Sr.Bonet know how to get it and above all, how to serve. Favorite of the cocktails in the world of fashion and all those events where the dress code also gets to what is served at the table. If you want to start in the delights that can offer you just have to stop by the Café HD (Guzmán el Bueno, 67), a bar in the 50s that he has become the coolest burger in Madrid.

Great plann

Ana Columbus was producing great television programs until he decided he wanted to dump on their own business idea all the energy deposited in being 'conseguidora' in prime time. She, who in a matter of hours could achieve, if asked, keeping a live elephant on set realized I had the perfect organizing bespoke events. And he began to work. Some of the organized private parties has not included an elephant but a giant stuffed giraffe: the hosts wanted to recreate in the garden of his house in Madrid the atmosphere and spirit of a safari. This built an imposing tent tent mode of the savannah and articulated around the catering on the theme of Africa. That night, the guests were served them dinner as diligent 'hunters' khaki green dress and his head crowned with a deerstalker hat. In a children's party created a circus atmosphere romantic, with a sky full of bright stars and attractions that evoke the magic of nineteenth carnies. What if it gets more serious? Grand plann your company has experience in organizing large corporate events, with budgets of more than 200, 000 euros. Although, of course, with much less money will also offer a professional and take over the organization of your party from beginning to end: from the assembly of any structure to the organization of health, cooking and entertainers. The key term is 'tailor-made': you just fantasizes that she is responsible for realizing and fit your party needs that much time had imagined.

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