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India is a federal republic, with a president elected for a period of five years by the state assemblies and the national parliament Indian. The Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister, is responsible to parliament. The House of the people or low, has 545 members elected for a period of five years by popular vote, but 2 members appointed by the President on behalf of the Anglo-Indian community. Moreover, Supreme Court, superior courts, juvenile courts.

India has been criticized for its restrictive policy of the right to religious freedom. 1 ] Thus, several Indian states have banned conversions. [1]

2 ] On the other hand in the summer and fall of 2008 serious riots have erupted in Orissa against Christians, leaving more than 500 dead according to some sources, and the establishment of refugee camps for the faithful of this religion. [2]

Another conflict situation is referred to homosexuality . 3 ] No obstante, han sido muy pocos los casos en que se ha llegado a condenar a alguna persona, y actualmente el gobierno indio no persigue esta conducta. In India, this behavior is considered a federal crime punishable strongly [3] However, there have been few cases in which it has come to condemn someone, and now the Indian government does not pursue this behavior. 4 ] Several groups have asked the authority to repeal this legislation [4]

  1. El más reciente es Himachal Pradesh , con el que son seis estados en esta situación. ↑ The newest Himachal Pradesh , in which are six states in this situation. More information: A state of India prohibits conversions A State of India prohibits conversions
  2. Sobre el número de muertes y refugiados, India: al menos 500 asesinados en la persecución anticristiana en el Estado de Orissa ; más detalles de estos hechos, La ofensiva anticristiana en la India ↑ On the number of deaths and refugees, India: At least 500 killed in anti-Christian persecution in the state of Orissa , more details of these events, the offensive anti-Christian in India
  3. ( Código Penal Indio , en pdf; en inglés). ↑ (Indian Penal Code, in pdf, in English).
  4. Gateway. ↑ Gateway. " NACO is rendered impotent due to archaic anti-sodomy laws (the Organization for the National AIDS Control is powerless due to outdated laws against "sodomy") . " Retrieved on May 17, 2008.

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