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New Vegas and its rarity [guide to unique weapons and special items in the new Fallout] If you have already immersed in the dangerous world depicted by Fallout: New Vegas, you already know how important it is to have at hand the paraphernalia suitable for every eventuality. And as Obsidian certainly did not save stuff in his title of little secrets and rarity, we'll let you quickly where to find the most elusive and powerful weapons: there are less than 42, some of which are found in certain stores (or just rubabili, according to your habits), but why squander the precious money when you can satisfy your greed at no cost?
In addition to the list below, the video describes the best technique of theft that you can experience in Fallout: New Vegas. The best part is that it is not even a glitch!


# 01: Sawn-off shotgun "Big Boomer" - At the Gibson deposit, killing Mrs. Gibson. If done before the quest 'Nothin' But a Hound Dog ', you can not access certain upgrades.
# 02: Shotgun "Dinner Bell" - The Thorn, in the sewers in front of the Westside. Talk to Red Lucy and completed his quest to get the weapon.
# 03: "This Machine" - Camp McCarran
# 04: Sniper Rifle "Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle" - Sniper's Nest (Sniper's Nest)
# 05: 44 Magnum Revolver "Misterious Magnum" - Sunset Sarsaparilla billboard, just north of the 'Eldorado Gas & Services. Talk to Timmy Torini The Tops casino and run the quest "Talent Pool". You can kill Torini to get the weapon, but the mission and its Achievement / Trophy will vanish. Alternatively, challenge and Torini disarmatelo without killing him.
# 06: Carbine "Cowboy Repeater" - Camp McCarran, killing Corporal Sterling. By doing so, your reputation with the NCR will decay.
# 07: .357 Magnum Revolver "Lucky" - Bison Steve Hotel. Access to the refuge under Case Gift Shop with skill burglar equal to 75 (or 55, placing the magazine Locksmith's Reader).
# 08: Rifle Marksman "All American" - Vault 34.
# 09: Varmint Rifle "Ratslayer" - Broc Flower Cave.
# 10: Pistol 9mm "Mary" - The Tops Casino.
# 11: "That Gun" - Try to Novac Dino Bite Gift Shop. Buy the weapon or scassinate the warehouse door.
# 12: Minigun "CZ57 Avenger" - La Garganta del Diablo (Devil's Throat).
# 13: 9mm Submachine Gun "Vance's Submachine Gun" - Cache Wins. Look for the hut Vince northeast of the Vegas Strip North Gate, down the road Factories H & H. Request burglar skill of 100.
# 14: BB Gun "Abilene Kid LE BB Gun" - Hut Field (Field's Shack).


# 15: "Alien Blaster" - Fault Floating (Hovering Anomaly). Available only starting the game with the Wild Wasteland trait.
# 16: Gauss Rifle "YCS/186" - Mercenary Camp.
# 17: Laser Gun "Pew Pew" - Headquarters Sunset Sarsaparilla.
# 18: Tesla Cannon "Tesla Beaton Prototype" - Scrap the Vertibird (Vertibird crashed).
# 19: Plasma Rifle "Q35 Matter Modulator" - Headquarters REPCONN.
# 20: Laser Rifle "AER14 Prototype" - Vault 22, 5th level. Out of the elevator, walk down the hall and to the right; pick a first scale for Vault 22. The weapon is located in the ground, close to a skeleton.
# 21: Pulse Gun - Vault 34.
# 22: Euclid's C-Finder - Mick & Ralph's.

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