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Mexico. -

The land operated by Catherwood Travels, will host 1, 100 guests at the celebration, although it has a capacity for 1, 500.

Yesterday, on a visit to the farm, it was found that an army of workers, service providers and organizers finalizing all the details for the celebration of the Sabbath. The property already has big carp in the large garden.

Outside the hacienda, around 13:30 pm, a van was the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) with number 5920 and three black vans polarized YZG-8722 plates, YZG YZG-1051 and 8378.

When asked specifically, a commander of the SSP said they were coordinating "about the road".

A service provider who was at the ranch said he was hired to bring the flower arrangements, but said he could not provide more information because he signed a confidentiality agreement.

One of the organizers of the festival, who arrived in Mexico City, declined to comment.

- Who invited him to the ranch? Asked.

-We are looking into wedding-responded.

-Respectfully, you understand me, I invite you to leave the estate, is a privately owned one of the organizers said the altiplano.

Providers asked them since Thursday and will adapt installed everything. Those in charge of the flowers, food and beverage, audio and lighting have until tomorrow to finalize all the details, as Saturday does not want to see any in Tekik of Regil.

A provider will charge 20 Provencal style rooms for decoration "hacienda" event. The rooms were achieved in Merida and old houses in some villages.

A company of the city of Mexico, led by two known "wedding planner", Paola and Veronica Perdomo Lenk, is responsible for organizing the wedding.

The firm, Paloma Perdomo Corporate and Personal Events, "has organized the most beautiful weddings in Mexico, " including Yucatec origin singer Alex Syntek and Karen Coronado, Alejandra Servitje and Fernando Elias Calles, and Lucila Trails and Diego Sanchez Navarro , among others.

More wedding details Emiliano Salinas and actress Ludwika Paleta, Saturday


The guests will be accommodated in hotels Rosas & Xocolate, Mansion Merida and Casa Azul. Also on farms owned banker Roberto Hernandez Ramirez, as South and San Jose Temozón Cholul, and Xcanatún.

The Yucatan weekend will bring together numerous personalities from the worlds of politics and entertainment wedding because Occelli Emiliano Salinas, son of former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Polish and Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta Paciorek.

The wedding will be Saturday at a ranch located 30 minutes from Merida, though for security reasons kept secret.

It is located in Merida's mother Emiliano Salinas, Cecilia Occelli Gonzalez, who was divorced from Carlos Salinas in 1994.

The secrecy surrounding the wedding is not new among the Salinas family: the same happened in John Christopher Esposito Natalia Salinas Occelli

On that occasion the 1, 200 guests attest the religious liaison, but ultimately came only relatives of the couple for fear of protest movement # Yosoy132.

In the case of Emiliano Salinas and Ludwika Paleta, in wedding invitations do not specify the place where made.

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Politicians are a problem; but I think we

Are failing to view current events in their historical perspective. For example, compare today's politics to the Boss Tweed days. Or compare today's corporate power to the time of the robber barrons. People like the Rockefellers, Roosevelts, Bush's, Mellons, Ford's, and Carnegies have always ran things. Now, however, they must do so behind the scenes. I guess that's some progress. So I would posit that we live in a more democratic country than at any other point in our history.
There has alway's been a tug-a-war between Wilsonian globalists & isolationists like the Republicans under Hoover

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