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bitcoin conference 2013 Over a thousand people moved to the 2013 conference , which was held from May 17 to 19 in San Jose. Unlike the previous two events organized by the Bitcoin Foundation, U.S. VCs were very present.

The enthusiasm of VC for startups that develop products and services around Bitcoin continues to grow. In recent months, we have witnessed in raising substantial funds: $ 5 million for Coinbase 1.5 million for Bitinstant 2 million for BitPay and OpenCoin, the company behind Ripple, has raised for its 2 million including dollars from Google Ventures .

This is one of the confirmations that Bitcoin has definitely turned a corner and the crypto-currency is now taken seriously.

Apart from presentations of projects between entrepreneurs and investors, the points that emerge are:


The beginning of the conference was marked by the entry of Mt Gox account in the United States. Several presentations detailed the steps to the contractor so that it remains in compliance with the regulations.

Charlie Shrem, CEO of Bitinstant, emphasized this: "whether you are for or against regulations, you have to comply, " he concludes, adding "or try to change them." He also stressed the importance of the document FinCEN demonstrating that it is not illegal to possess bitcoins. He notes that it is still difficult for companies such as his to comply with the regulations of all states that are not standardized.

Distributor of bitcoins

Two physical distributors, the microwave size, were placed near the main hall. These valves are used to insert a note, the camera of the machine can then scan the QR code wallet user via his smartphone and credit his account bitcoins.

Both machines have fueled conversations and enabled participants who had no bitcoins to buy the latest numbers Bitcoin magazine and various goodies and t-shirts for sale at the conference.

More payments in Bitcoin

More and more goods and services can be purchased with bitcoins. BitPay solutions enable e-tailers to automatically convert bitcoins in dollars or euros. Not only merchants can reduce their costs (reduced transactions and reduce fraud), but they can also be opened in other markets.

"If someone wants to buy something from Indonesia with a credit card, chances are whether it is a fraud, " says Roger Ver, the founder of BitcoinStore.

Accept credit card payments from certain countries is a very high risk. With Bitcoin, e-merchant can accept payment from Indonesia and be as serene as if it came from France.

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We the Corporations of the United States of ...

The US Constitution says “We the People,” not “We the Corporations.” Nowhere in the Constitution are corporations even mentioned—but now, 125 years after corporate personhood was granted in Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad in 1886 and a year and a half after Citizens United granted corporations the right of “persons” to spend unlimited cash on individual candidates with Super PACs, we have a new reality: “We, the corporations of the United States, in order to form a more profitable union…” have destroyed democracy in the U.S.
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