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  1. Title Corporate Strategist at NS Department of Natural Resources Demographic info | Government Administration Halifax, Canada Area | Government Administration Current: Corporate Strategist at NS Department of Natural Resources Past: Coordinator, Poverty Reduction Strategy at Nova Scotia Department of Community Services, Program Officer at Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, Labour Market Analyst at Nova Scotia Department of Labour & Workforce Development, Policy Analyst at Nova Scotia Department of Health, Lieutenant Commander, Reserves at German Navy, Research Fellow at Social Research Institute of the Federal Armed Forces Education: Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Konstanz Summary: A resourceful and resilient professional with several years of experience in management, policy development, and research at the senior level in a public service environment. High degree of intuitive understanding, collaborative ability, and commitment. Proven talent in project management, team leading, and consulting; remains calm and responsive When under pressure. I have several years of experience in policy-development, project management, and social research. I hold an MA degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Konstanz (Germany). I also hold a PhD in sociology. As to expert specializing specializing in social and health policy, labor market policy as well as economic development, I worked for six years as a policy analyst and researcher for the German federal government. In October 2007, I took up the position of Policy Analyst with the Policy & Planning branch of the DoH. Currently I work as Corporate Strategist at DNR for the Nova Scotia government. I very much enjoy providing analysis, preparing materials, Conducting research, and providing first-rate resources and Developing strategies. I am keen to take on more leadership responsibility in operational management. Specialties: Public Administration. During the course of my professional career I have demostrated excellent project management, problem-solving and consultation skills, the aptitude to design and deliver a high volume of resource material, the capability to analyze complex situations and I have shown well developed negotiation, facilitation, research and writing skills.
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2007-10-16 19:30:32 by ShannonB

Actually there is something to be said for that

When corporate interests took over Seattle Pride and moved the parade to downtown. Those in the business community here joined with the LGBT Center and started their own alt-Pride back on Captiol Hill on the Saturday before. This year when the corporate one imploded, they were the only ones that seemed to have their act together. So now we have competing Pride events (no not bragging, I know some places are lucky to have one). Downside is some organizations cannot support both and have to choose one or the other. Upside, the grassroots one feels more legitimate to the community, and more real. Downside, the grassroots one has less money to put on a top notch event

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