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The Somerset House in London was originally a palace of the Tudors, but he was by Edward Seymour Duke as a residence built in 1547. The construction costs amounted to about 10, 000 pounds, an enormous sum in the 16th Century! The high sum can be sure of the style, in the spirit of a noble estate, and also explain the fact that the Duke damaged churches and chapels in the vicinity of the building. Somerset House has spacious halls and a large garden. The builder itself, Seymor Duke, was executed and the property went to the later Queen Elizabeth I on. This is not to be the last high-profile owner of the palace, the property has a rich history behind it. This led eventually also lead to the "Tudor Palace" was one of the property requiring renovation, which were under the crown.

Somerset House: Cultural center on the Thames

Today, Somerset House is thoroughly restored and open again to the public since 2000. In summer, concerts and other cultural events (including open air concerts and theater to go out on find evening instead and even in winter the plant is visited. This is mainly due to the permanent exhibitions such as the Gilbert Collection, Hermitage rooms or even the ever-changing events. way you can still photographs from a special Richard Bryant are admired by the end of March 2009. One can but in winter the ice rink (Ice Rink) visit in the courtyard, on the events also take place again and again.

Important tourist information on the Somerset House

The property is open from Monday to Friday (10.00 bis 18.00 clock). The courtyard is available to visitors starting at 7:30. The River Terrace Cafe is open from 8.30 bis 19.30 clock. The best way to get to Somerset House by subway. The nearest stations are Temple, Covent Garden, Charing Cross and Embankment. You can reach the residence from the other side of the Thames on the Waterloo station and then take the Waterloo Bridge. In addition, various bus routes to Somerset House.

Tip: In the vicinity of the location, for example, the National Gallery are the current Picasso exhibition and the London Transport Museum.

Beach Somerset House
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More information about prices and more information about the property:

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