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Nobody would have thought that after more than half a century of independence, Senegal, countries vocation pastoral par excellence, composed of 95% Muslim with a strong cultural bond with the sheep for ritual sacrifice of Tabaski, would still make the preparation of this festival, an important event. To the point of organizing in the context of an enlarged like today Interdepartmental Meeting, with the sole objective to raise any concerns related to the uncertainty about the availability and accessibility of sheep sacrifice. We must break this recurring concern to make Tabaski a national event marked the greatest tranquility of Senegalese households, a true moment of solidarity and communion.

I happened to notice that the agricultural development policy in Senegal is an obvious failure because it led to the mobilization of over 100 billion CFA francs since 2000 in seed production especially of peanuts, to end up with less than 6, 000 tonnes of certified this strategic speculation of our economy at the beginning of this crop year 2013/2014 seeds, and with production in 2012 equivalent to 1960.

I am tempted to ask the same diagnosis on our farm policy, as last year, at this time, when we met to prepare Tabaski 2012, I reminded the participants that our sheep imports were tabaski increased from 34, 239 subjects in 2000 to 402, 617 in 2011. This figure has decreased slightly in 2012 with 367, 095 sheep imported from Mali and Mauritania, hope he wears a trend reversal.

Madam, you yourself noted the seriousness of the situation by expressing your deep concern, due to the ongoing crisis in northern Mali, which might endanger the normal supply of our country Tabaski sheep .

Fortunately, I was pleased that you had taken all steps to allay concerns about it.

Thus the demand for sheep has been satisfied, and that even poor sales estimated overall at 27, 151 sheep were found. And there was a sheep for each scholarship.

I like this performance at its fair value. Better still, the steps you have already taken, the ones you are taking, or plan to soon, we ensure that the demand for this year 2013 will certainly less than the supply, and the sheep will be available and accessible.

I want to reassure you that you have the support of all the Government to achieve this goal.

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L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center

Has a group that meets once a month called Maybe Baby. The Center just sent out their monthly list of family events. You can see flyers for their family events here:
Here's the Maybe Baby info.
12. Maybe Baby Meeting
Please join the next Maybe Baby* meeting for two topics and special guest speakers.
Sunday, August 9
10:30-11:30 a.m.: "Surrogacy" with guest speaker Kim Bergman from Growing Generations surrogacy agency
11:30 a.m.-12:30 p

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