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Scotland is known for being an innovative country, but also for its traditions. This is reflected in the slogan "tradition of innovation" in the business world, meetings and conferences, the country offers one hand centers equipped with the latest technology and a strong scientific research. On the other hand its ancient castles are meeting place for the business environment where certain traditions are celebrated for centuries. One of the customs that has survived to the present is the development of various types of tissues. Across the country stores are traditional fashion products made ​​by hand.

VisitScotland Business Tourism Unit, January 2013: Last year the country was dedicated to creativity with the title "Year of Creative Scotland 2012." In Scotland, creativity is understood in a broader way. Not only is considered art, music, drama and traditional dance. The country has a long tradition of making handmade products, traditional fabrics that are applied to the parameters of the latest fashion. The yarns are produced in a process-based way of clearing the purest water in Scotland and tissues and wool are dyed in a process inherited for many generations.

For many years various event organizers and incentives used traditional Scottish fashion. You can rent a kilt (traditional kilt) tissue specimen tartan for one night and ensure Scottish culture immersion in applying the customs of dress. The DMC Hello Scotland offers only for groups of men experiencing that is the "true Scotsman". Participants receive a corporate event kilts and should put behind closed doors. The ritual of dressing is a secret among men in the clubhouse. Delegates business tourism traditional clothing can lead to a formal dinner or a special event.

During a stay of business tourism delegates can find shops that use traditional materials across the country. Johnston of Elgin - cashmere factory shop-is located in the Inverness area. Other internationally recognized brands are located in Edinburgh - Belinda Robertson - the queen of cashmere and 21st century kilts - designs for modern men.

Elgin is a vital and commercial city located an hour's drive from Inverness. The city is famous for the production of cashmere clothing. The factory has been working for 215 years to the production of traditional materials, called Johnston of Elgin. The mill Johnston of Elgin's Hawick is located on the banks of the River Teviot in the region of "Scottish Borders". In May 2012 the interactive visitor center opened its factory doors to visitors interested in traditional processes of the development of cashmere. For those who prefer to see the machines directly, you can also arrange tours at the factory. At the end of the visit, having learned about cashmere, the Hawick Mill Store offers knits, tweed products and accessories from the annual collection for men, women and children. These activities can be used also for the incentive program. To keep the tradition of traditional Scottish fabric production, delivery brand, in collaboration with Scottish Academy of Fashion, the prize "The Johnston of Elgin Prize" students from universities in two categories: tailoring and knitwear.

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Olympics? again corporate and political agendas...

What a bull was made out of Olympics.. all results are known BEFORE the events.. Hughes photo on the screen even before score was completed, all programming scheduled for US-Canada hockey game. Instant replay shows goal in 10min 3-rd period Rus-Usa and nobody says anything and just skips the facts... What is all this whining and theatrics of Ohno because he could not pass Korean skater.. who gets to chose who is qualified and discqualified ? We all understand that USA needs good publicity and unity in 'Global War On Terrorozm' (read we want more control and money and more arms business), but taking this shit to Olympics and making it a media PR campaigh for W

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