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History of Black & Decker ®

S. Duncan Black

Two young entrepreneurs, S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker, founded a small machine shop in Baltimore, Maryland. They called it The Black & Decker Manufacturing Company. Their shop 'grown beyond any more' rosy imagination.

Today, Black & Decker and 'a global producer and distributor of quality products' used in and around the home and for commercial 'business and professional distributes products in over 100 countries and about half' of its revenues from outside the the United States, Black & Decker product lines hold leading positions in their markets.

Black & Decker and 'the most' big society 'in the world producer of power tools and accessories. And 'leader in the United States in products for the home and among global competitors in the small household appliance.

So, which 'was the chain of events that led a small machine shop to become a global manufacturer of power tools? The answer may be revealed by analyzing the major events in the history of the Society:

  • 1917-The Company 'receives the patent for the pistol grip and the trigger of the drill. It also built the first Black & Decker, 4000 square feet in a building in Towson USA, then a rural suburb of Baltimore USA
  • 1922 Societa 'founded its first foreign subsidiary, Black & Decker Manufacturing Company, in Canada and built the first operating structure, sales, service and warehouse facility outside the United States. The Company 'adds to the production line electric screwdriver.
  • International expansion continued in 1925. The Black & Decker Ltd and 'organized in London as sales, service and logistics, with a wholly owned subsidiary' for the UK market.
  • 1928 - The Black & Decker ® ​​acquires Van Dorn Electric Tool Company of Cleveland, Ohio, a manufacturer of power tools.
  • 1929 Established the Black & Decker (Australausia) Pty., Ltd. in Sydney, Australia. The wholly owned subsidiary 'deals with engine assembly, sales, service and logistics operations.
  • 1941 Towson plant began to manufacture fuses, gun and bullets for the Allied forces. Despite the use of part of the resources to cope with the war effort, the Company continued to produce power within legal limits.
  • 1943 - Black & Decker ® ​​received the prestigious Army-Navy.
  • A subsidiary was founded in 1946 to develop the activities' in the Western Hemisphere. To the south, the Company opened a branch in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the management of sales, service and logistics.
  • 1950 - It is produced the one millionth drill used in the work of home DIY.
  • 1951 S. Duncan Black. co-founder and president since 1910, died April 15 at the age 'of 68, and Alonzo G. Decker, Sr. became president. The Company broke ground for a building of 40, 000 square meters in Hampstead, Maryland, USA
  • 1954 - While remaining as president, Alonzo G. Decker, Sr. was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • 1955 opens its wholly owned subsidiary 'in South Africa. Subsidiary in Johannesburg (relocated to Citta 'del Capo in 1958) is in charge of sales and service. The Company also builds a building of 18, 000 square meters in Croydon, Victoria, Australia.
  • 1956 Alonzo G. Decker, Sr. died on March 18 at the age 'of 72 years. Robert D. Black, a long-time executive of the Company and brother of S. Duncan Black, was named Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • 1957 - 1958 Black & Decker Belgium is founded as a wholly owned 'for sales, service and logistics company with headquarters in Brussels. In 1958 he opened Black & Decker New Zealand based in Auckland while Black & Decker GmbH was established in Dusseldorf, Germany and Holland Black & Decker was organized in Rotterdam.
  • 1959 Black & Decker organized a subsidiary called Master Power Corporation to acquire the Company 'Master Pneumatic Tool, a manufacturer of portable air tools with activities' in Ohio and Canada.
  • 1960 - Alonzo G. Decker, Jr., son of the co-founder and a Black & Decker ® ​​since 1930, succeeded Robert D. Black as president. Mr. Black continued in his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive. Black & Decker ® ​​acquired DeWalt, Inc. of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, manufacturer of radial arm saws and other stationary tools for woodworking, working in the United States and Canada.
  • 1965 The Hampstead is magnified by 80, 000 square meters to accommodate the transfer of production from Towson. The move marks the end of production of Towson, where buildings were refurbished to accommodate the activities' research and applied technology booming.
  • 1967 - 1968 The branch of the UK is awarded the Queen's Award to Industry for growth in exports. In Italy, the company won the Oscar for Trade by the Italian Government for its contribution to the economy of the country.
  • 1970-1971 The Company acquired the Carbide Router Company, New Jersey, USA. In 1971, Black & Decker Nigeria Ltd in Lagos and Black & Decker Argentina SACI are organized as wholly owned 'for the activities' sales and service.
  • 1972 Japanese government 'permission to manufacture power tools in Japan. Nippon B & D KK became the first non-Japanese company in 5 years to get permission to have a place of property 'in the country.
  • 1973 The UK company Introduced the Workmate ®, in combination vice, workbench and sawhorse That received an Award of Excellence from the UK Design Council.
  • 1974 - The sales exceed the threshold of 500 million dollars. Is introduced by Black & Decker ® ​​USA, the one-year warranty on products.
  • 1975 Alonzo G. Decker, Jr. relinquished the position of Executive Director but continued as chairman of the Board of Directors. Francis P. Lucier succeeded Mr. Decker as Executive Director and continues as president. It 's the first time in history that a member of the Society of Black or Decker families did not hold the role of Executive Director.
  • 1979 The power tools business in the United States is incorporated into a wholly owned subsidiary 'under the name of Black & Decker (U.S.), Inc. Annual sales exceed a billion dollars.
  • 1981 Robert D. Black, former chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director, died on March 21 at the age 'of 84.
  • 1984 - Black & Decker ® ​​announces a restructuring plan to realign corporate management and consolidate manufacturing. Are closed at Maidenhead and Harmondsworth, England; Kildare, Ireland; Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Solon, Ohio USA. The production is transferred to other Black & Decker ®. In 1984, the Company acquired General Electric's small household appliance. Black & Decker ® ​​begins a program of Brand Transition unprecedented, to transfer the brand Black & Decker ® ​​on all products acquired from General Electric.
  • 1984 - Reflecting its Broader product line and global marketing expertise, the Company cushion adopted a new logo. The new logo retained the strong orange color That had long Been Identified with the Company and kept the heritage of the hexagon.
  • 1985 Black & Decker turns 75. A celebration marking the occasion by placing a capsule of Company memorabilia in the new engineering building at Towson. The capsule will remain 'sealed until 2085. With a strong signal on marketing and sales, the Company's stockholders approved the change of name to The Black & Decker Corporation.
  • 1987 Earnings doubled, and sales are the most 'high in the history of the Society. Sales exceeded two billion dollars, and Black & Decker were ranked by Fortune among the 200 largest industrial companies with headquarters in the United States. The magazine Sales & Marketing Management Magazine ranked Black & Decker as the company that owns the best sales force in a survey done in the United States.
  • 1988 The Company was awarded the Medal of Professional Excellence by Purchasing Magazine for its excellence and enable 'purchasing operations.
  • 1989 - Black & Decker ® ​​acquired Emhart Corporation ($ 2.8 billion in sales), is almost twice the size of the Company and are acquired a number of well known brands including Kwikset serramenta deomestici, Price Pfister rubinett, Molly anchors, POP rivets, True Temper golf clubs and many other consumer products or commercial purposes. Black & Decker ® ​​is introduced into the Hall of Fame of the U.S. Space Foundation Technology for the results and contribution data through cordless tools utilizzzati in NASA's Gemini and Apollo programs.
  • 1990 The Company repaid approximately $ 700 million of acquisitions by selling 6 activity 'non-strategic. (Two additional operations' are sold in the first months of 1991, generating $ 100 million). In a survey of 6, 000 brands on a sample of 10, 000 consumers, Black & Decker is ranked seventh in the United States and Europe in the nineteenth, brand name awareness. Black & Decker begins a process of Total Quality to increase consumer satisfaction in each segment of activity 'of the Company.
  • 1992 - is launched in North America the new DeWalt range of professional hand tools.
  • 1993 - The new organization of the Company paid to the satisfaction of the distribution channel in terms of product and service, earn rewards Vendor of the Year by Wal-Mart, Builders Square, LG Cook, BMA; Chennel Home Centers and many other customers. Moreover launches line of professional hand tools Elu in Europe.
  • 1993 The latest range of Dustbuster ® hand-held cordless vacuum cleaners Stephen Schwartz wins Richard was prestigious British Design Award by the Design Council.
  • 1995 - is launched in Europe the new range of professional DeWalt tools and accessories
  • In 1996 almost all sectors, Black & Decker holds leading positions and improves its market share during the year thanks to the continuous introduction of new products.
  • 1998 - Black & Decker ® ​​brings the best budgets of the last 10 years, and sales in the core business reach record levels.
  • 1999 Focus on globalization of the activities' means using the Internet as a marketing tool integrated. Launch of mouse, alone and '10% of the Italian market of DIY.
  • 1999 Black & Decker ® ​​was Stephen Schwartz wins the prestigious Millennium Product status for its VP2000K Quattro ® multi tool by the Design Council.
  • 2000 Black & Decker ® ​​won the consumer product category of the 11th Annual Design Week Awards with the Mouse ® detail sander. Also it won the U.S. based IDSA award.
  • 2002 - Black & Decker ® ​​and Hitachi Koki sign a cooperation agreement for the power tool market.
  • 2002 The Black & Decker ® ​​uniquely styled entry level Dustbuster ® hand vac was Given a Bronze Award by the IDSA.
  • 2003 - Black & Decker ® ​​sells Assa Abloy - leading global supplier of hardware dongles - for $ 108 million
  • 2003 - Black & Decker ® ​​acquired Baldwin Hardware Corporation and Weiser Lock Corporation from Masco to $ 275 million.
  • 2004 Black & Decker gets a gain of $ 1.35 per share in the fourth quarter of 2003 and reached a record level of $ 4.02 for the whole of 2003. This has generated $ 480 million of available cash.
  • 2004 - Black & Decker ® ​​gets a record gain per share in the second quarter of 2004.
  • 2004 Black & Decker acquires Pentair's Tool Group for $ 775 million. Pentair's Tool Group includes Porter-Cable, Delta, DeVilbiss Air Power, Oldham Saw, and FLEX and, in 2003, had revenues of $ 1.08 billion for generating profits of $ 82 million.
  • 2005 Launch of the highly innovative Alligator ® lopper, a user-friendly solution woodcutting. It was duly Stephen Schwartz wins the prestigious German IF Design Award for 2006.
  • 2007 The Black & Decker ® ​​2nd generation of cylinder vacuum cleaner received the Plus X award for design and our innovative Pivot ® Dustbuster ® hand vac was Stephen Schwartz wins the Plus X accolade for design and ergonomics.
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Corporate Event Planning

I have been in the advertising industry for about 3 years now. I am considering a position as event planning supervisor for a large communications firm. I would be implementing/managing events for a large electronics client. I was wondering if someone can provide some helpful insight on a role like this --- as well as how this position could be a launch pad for other marketing opportunities? What is the normal growth pattern for someone in event planning?

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