Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Were the previous Schüco Open very successful public
Events, the Bielefeld-based company focused with the
Schüco Business Cup 2013 exclusively on its business partners:
Builders, planners, investors and potential business contacts.
With an international tournament series in eight nations sets the
Company's long-standing tradition, technology and nature
Sports unite with the clear objective of the contact to its customers
to consolidate. "The Schüco Business Cup is the first step in a
new corporate event strategy in 2014 under the umbrella of "Schüco
Sports and Events "will be introduced, " said Michael Kehm, head
Central Marketing.

The Schüco Business Cup tournaments begin in May 2013. They are
centrally planned from Bielefeld and in close coordination with the
German and international locations Schüco performed. In
Germany are a total of five tournaments in the renowned
Golf courses Lüdersburg Castle, Good Neuenhof, Golf Park Leipzig and
GC and GC Heddesheim provided good vineyards. Some players and
Players from the National Team Germany, as Lara Katzy and Dominic
Foos, Schüco assist in its function as the main sponsor of the DGV
(German Golf Association eV) and are available to tournament guests with advice
and advice. Greens on international Schüco invites in Belgium,
in the Netherlands, Sweden, England, France, Italy
and in China. In October 2013, then take all the winners to
an exclusive finals in Mallorca.

Press contact:
Schüco International KG
Ulrike Krüger
Karolinenstr. 1 - 15
33609 Bielefeld
Tel: +49 (0) 521783-803
Fax: +49 (0) 521783-657
/ press

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Bay Area Disc Jockey Association

You will find prices from 200 up to 1,500. The average price will be around 895.00 depending on what's involved. The Bottom line is you will get what you pay for.
In post-event surveys, clients stated that the contribution Disc Jockey services made towards the overall success of their special event was 85%! Whether it's a Wedding Reception, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Event, or a Private Party, its success or failure depends upon the quality of services you receive from your Disc Jockey. These are entertainment driven events. Even though food, photos, and decor are important… It is not the food… It is not the photos… nor is it the decor… that determines the...

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