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- Bachelor in Marketing & Communication

- Core competence: Webmarketing, Digital communication, e-commerce and multichannel retail, Omnichannel strategy, technology marketing, Social media marketing

- Role: Digital Marketing Manager, my role is now moving to Chief Marketing Tecnologist / Chief Digital Officer profile (see

- Teacher of digital marketing, strategy and ominichannel e-commerce/multichannel retail (see

- International speaker and team worker as delegated italian (my company is the only associated for the country) on digital issue in events


I'm an innovation lover and I think That the difference between online and offline is now just an old issue in a multichannel world. Now all digital marketing roles are oriented and need new skills and a different organization inside the companies. I'm working every day to be ready for that.


Cms, crm, omnichannel strategy, network / community building, web marketing, web communication, internet strategy, mobile web, mobile marketing, e-commerce, seo, sem, social media marketing, enterprise 2.0, project management, content management, email marketing, web marketing intelligence, analytics, digital signage. For more information:

2004-11-23 15:49:31 by qwikdash

Resume critique, recent grad

I really need help with my resume, any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to apply to entry levle finance/accounting positions.
David L. Shih
49 E. Latimer Ave. #22 • Campbell, CA 995008 • (408) 410-1568
University of Southern California (USC) May 2004
Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, with a dual emphasis
in Corporate Finance and Management Consulting
Dap Inc, San Jose, California May 2004 – present
Field Sales Representative- 20 Home Depot accounts
-Educate at least 2 associates on product knowledge per store visit
-Merchandise DAP products & marketing displays
-Consult with HD Inventory Manager in maintaining optimal inventory level
-Work with...

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Before writing the book, Risher had spent more than 15 years in public relations and corporate events management. She also was a newspaper reporter for four years.

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